2020 Virtual Visits

New for 2020, Chicago Santa is providing PERSONALIZED Pre-recorded Video Visits for you to share with your children, grandchildren, customers, or employees. All video visits are customizable and can be personalized so Santa has a customized message just for your specific needs and family members.
Video visits are an excellent alternative to traditional visits with Santa. Skip the long lines at the malls and
maintain a safe level of social distancing: plan a video visit today!
Bring the excitement and magic of this Christmas to your children this year through a North Pole Video Visit.

A Video Visit allows you to share the at a time that is best for you and your family. How you watch and where you watch are all choices that you control. 

Want to watch your personalized video on your computer or tablet?
No Problem! 
Want to watch your video on your large screen TV in the Family Room?
NO Problem!
Want to watch your video during that long ride to Grandma’s House on your cell phone or tablet?
No Problem!
All prerecorded videos are provided in an MP4 format and can be viewed on all devices and viewed as many times as you wish!

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Live Video Visits via ZOOM!

Chicago Santa is also offering LIVE Video Visits via Zoom. Let your children and grandchildren speak directly to Santa though live Zoom interactions! They can tell Santa what they want for Christmas, sing a few carols, and laugh as Santa shares his unique brand of Holiday Humor.
Zoom video visits are identical to the technology used in all remote learning or working protocols.
Live Video Visits are either 15 or 30 minutes long.

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