Charitable Partnerships

This year Chicagoland Santa is partnering to give back to local charities, schools and organizations. If you would like to know more contact us by email.

Current Partnerships:

-Shriner Hospitals for Children: Chicago

Shiner Hospitals for Children - Chicago
A Message from Santa:

During this 2020 year, most all of us have been affected by the challenges of the Covid 19 virus. Chicago Santa wants everyone to know  even with all the changes that will be implemented this Christmas Season.
Christmas WILL Endure!
Christmas isn't just about shopping for extravagant presents, attending parties, festivals,  visiting with Santa Claus  & attending  gatherings of all sorts.
NO! NO NO  Christmas is more about spending time with the ones you love.
It's NOT about shopping and partying,  It's more about doing good and helping those less fortunate than yourself.
Christmas is about serving others and doing what YOU can to make this world a better place for all who live with in it.
More than ever today  the world needs all of us to step up and do the RIGHT things, to be an example to those around us, To provide support and encouragement as an expression of our love for one another.
The world needs us to do good!

I promise you that wherever  your circumstances find you  this year,  if you focus on others,  your neighbors, your co workers, those you worship with, and all those that cross our paths on a regular basis, that you will be filled with the Christmas spirit most abundantly.
I encourage you to give what you can to help children less fortunate enjoy this Holiday Season and many more holidays throughout the coming years!
 May you be in good health and smart in your activities and I will see you on Christmas Eve , If not before!
May you & Your Family  enjoy the very BEST this 2020 Holiday Season!