NEW: Virtual Visit with Santa!

This Christmas, try something new, a virtual visit from Santa! Whether you want to have Santa and Mrs Claus read a classic story to your family and friends, and lead you in holiday songs- or do a naughty/nice check in before Christmas- we can setup a virtual visit! Details coming soon

Restaurant / Retail Appearances with Santa

Do you own a Restaurant or a Retail Business? Have you ever considered having Santa & Mrs. Claus appear in your facility to enhance and increase the customer traffic flow? With proper planning, substantial advanced publicity and advertising, an appearance by Santa & Mrs. Claus, you will enhance your customers’ shopping, or dining experience this holiday season. Put your customers in the festive holiday mood while in your place of business. Santa & Mrs. Claus can pose for pictures, meet & greet your patrons, and provide an opportunity for children to make their most desired gift requests to the Man in Red. This is a great way to share the spirit of the season with your customers.

Family Celebration Gatherings

Does your family participate in an annual holiday celebration? Whether you all meet at a restaurant, a banquet hall or in the full basement at Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary’s, a personal visit by Santa & Mrs. Claus will be the “Hit of the Party”!! All in attendance will get all fired up while singing the most popular songs of the season. Have Santa pass out all those presents that your family exchanges with each other. Don’t forget all the great pictures you will take to remember the annual celebration.

Santa Visits to Your Home

Home Visits have been our  specialty for over 30 years now. Just imagine the excitement and impact your children or grandchildren will experience when Santa & Mrs. Claus make a special visit to your home. We arrive dressed in the complete holiday attire; we sing the most popular holiday songs together with music provided by the North Pole Boom Box.

We even have STORY TIME  right there in your living room where the most  well known Christmas storybook “The Night Before Christmas “  is read aloud to all the children , young and young at heart.

Stories of life at the North Pole are shared and a pep talk about “How to be a GOOD BOY OR GOOD GIRL” are openly discussed. Each child is presented a gift especially chosen for him or her. Soon thereafter, we all sing together “We Wish You a Merry Christmas “as Santa & Mrs. Claus exit and return back to their home in the North Pole.

This 20-30 minute visit provides the high point of any family celebration. Your family members will be talking about this experience for years and years. A Home Visit by Santa & Mrs. Claus will build lasting memories for your children or grandchildren far into their adulthood lives. 


Advantages to providing a Home Visit for your Children or Grandchildren:

*PERSONALITY; Santa & Mrs. Clause who are believable and always in a positive holiday spirit that helps all who attend your gathering be in a more festive mood. We provide the most professional attire completely accessorized, so you don't have to worry about a costume rental or cleaning. 

*AUTHENTIC & REALISTIC: By being somewhat anonymous, we are NOT “Uncle Bob”, nor are we “Grandpa John”. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for sometimes, they know when a family member is playing Santa.  We bring a high level of “believability” to all children during our Home Visit.

*MEMORIES; A Home Visit by Santa & Mrs. Claus will provide the foundation for a lifetime of positive memories during the holiday season for decades to come. Especially if those visits are additionally documented with photos and home videos that can be shared with future generations.

*POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: A Home Visit early in the holiday season has some very unique benefits including positive reinforcement for children who have been an “Ideal” child encouraging them to continue in the direction they have been, a Home Visit can be used to redirect a child’s 

focus to those attitudes and behaviors more pleasing to all family members during the holiday season and beyond.  

*“That Special Feeling” just imagine how special your children or grandchildren will feel when they share their excitement and enthusiasm, and rejuvenated Holiday Spirit as a result of their Home 

Visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus with their  friends, relatives, playmates , schoolmates, or classmates. 

A Home Visit is one of the most unique holiday investments that you can make to insure that your family’s holiday will be remembered for years to come.

School Appearances by Santa

If your school is planning convocation to kick off the Christmas vacation, what better way to ignite the holiday spirit in your students than with an appearance from Santa & Mrs. Claus?  Santa & Mrs. 

Claus can pass out gifts, lead the group in the most recognizable holiday songs. And much more! Make sure your plans include Santa & Mrs. Claus as a part of your  school’s  holiday event.

Santa at Municipal Public Appearances

Grand Marshall of the Holiday Parade, Lighting of the City Christmas Tree, Grand Entrance on the Back of the Community's Fire Truck. These are just a few of the ways Santa & Mrs. Claus have 

appeared in several Municipal holiday events throughout the years. If your community is planning a celebration this holiday season, consider the addition of Santa & Mrs. Claus. Their appearance will 

enhance any community celebration. Have Santa & Mrs. Claus listen those most desired gift requests from the children of the community. Lead the group in the songs of the season, pose for pictures. Emcee your holiday program.

Social / Professional Organization Holiday Celebrations

Do you have affiliation in a social / professional organization?

Whether it’s the Moose Lodge, Elks Club, Electricians Union, Carpenters Union, Sorority, Chamber of Commerce, Hospital Auxiliary, and League of Women Voters, or even Young Mother’s Clubs. The organizations you’re active in probably engage in an annual holiday celebration.

Liven up this year’s party with special appearance from the North Pole’s most famous residents Santa & Mrs. Claus!!  Santa & Mrs. Claus can meet & greet your guests, lead the whole group in the songs of the season, pass out presents and pose for pictures. A great addition to put the whole group in the Holiday Spirit!

Corporate Christmas Parties

Is your employer planning an employee / family holiday celebration?

Have Santa & Mrs. Claus in attendance! Santa & Mrs. Clause can “Meet & Greet “ your guests, pass out gifts, pose for pictures, lead the group in singing songs familiar to the holiday season.

Meet & Greet

Planning an annual Holiday “Open House”? Add to the festivities!! This year, do something different. Allow your guests be greeted by Santa & Mrs. Claus. Straight from the North Pole, Santa & Mrs. 

Claus will festively greet your guests with the traditional “HO HO HO” and “Merry Christmas!”. In addition your guests can pose for pictures with the most recognizable characters of the season.

Breakfast with Santa

Is your school, civic organization or community group planning a fundraiser this holiday season?  Breakfast with Santa & Mrs. Claus will provide the appearance needed to assure the success of your 

event. Have Santa & Mrs. Claus pose for pictures. Meet & Greet your guests, pass out presents,  listen to children’s most desired gift requests of the holiday. Add the “festive touch” to assure a good time 

is had by all in attendance.

Group  Holiday Celebrations

Are your children involved in any special interest organizations?

Soccer, Baseball, Volley Ball, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, Pee Wee /Tee Ball, Gymnastics, Judo / Karate, and the list goes on and on!

All of these programs may be planning an annual holiday celebration. If you’re involved in this year’s celebration, why not have Santa & Mrs. Claus in attendance to help put those kids in the proper holiday spirit? Santa & Mrs. Claus will be the star attraction to insure the party is a real hit!!  Sing songs together, pass out presents, take requests of the most desired gifts of the season, and of course pose for pictures. A party that will be one of the highlights of the season!

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